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I had original Star Wars Toys, 45’s and the Green Machine
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Video games, Microwaves, touch tone phones, remote controls, CD’s, Internet, personal computers, Rap, Cable, Satellite TV, and Cell phones.
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Reagan was shot, the A-Team was prime time, movies were $3.00 and Drive In’s were cheaper, Disco died, $3.35 was minimum wage, and when spanking your kids wasn’t a felony. (I should know I was on the receiving end of a lot of them)
[/creativ_toggle] [creativ_toggle accordion=”5″ icon=”heart” heading=”Zodiac Sign” onload=”closed”] Cancer
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1978 Chevrolet Van. (Bought from my parents, and pretty much guaranteed I wouldn’t date for years)
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1966 Pontiac Tempest Custom. I built it from the ground up with a 455 cu. in. engine.(400 HP.) W/ Ram Air 3 Cam, Turbo 400 transmission, 3:55 posi rear. YES I knew how to race it. (Ask me about the “DO THAT” Story) CLICK ON PICTURES ABOVE!

2001 Nissan Sentra SE 2.0. Most reliable car I have EVER owned. 511,000 miles and still running strong when I traded it in. It never let me down, and just kept going. R.I.P. Shadow. Thanks for being such a good friend and road traveler for 11 years.
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2001 Nissan Sentra SE (The Shadow), 511,000 miles and finally retired. 🙁

1987 Nissan Sentra (174,000) 1991 Nissan Sentra XE (264,000) 1994 Nissan Sentra SE-R aka. “The Red Rocket” (234,000) 2003 Ford Focus SVT (Nightmare) 155,000 (Sold)
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The Passion of the Christ, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Episode 1, Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones, and Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith, The Punisher, Team America, X-Men, Spider Man 1 & 2, Iron Man, The Hulk (2008), Taken, The Avengers.
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A friend of mine dared me. “THANKS STACEY!!”
Now here’s my story:
(As brief as I can make it.)

I was 19 and a year out of high school, where I was a very shy, quiet kid. I was working at a local ice cream restaurant. I worked with a lot of my friends, and it allowed me to come out of my shell. This is where I met Stacey. We used to hang out for hours just talking. I could always make her laugh, and one night she mentioned that I should try being a comedian. I didn’t think much of it. Till a new employee came along who I call Babs. Her husband was a comedian at a local club. That was all Stacey needed to hear and dared me to do it. I accepted and gave myself 3 months to get ready. I used to practice my first material on Stacey over at her house, and Babs’s husband taught me some things about getting on stage. To get to the point, 3 months came and went, and it was time to go on stage. I was scared to death, but I got up and did it. The crowd was very nice to me, and it went very well. Not knowing anything, I thought every time would be like that. I was WRONG. The next two times on stage were sheer death. After that I stopped for months. I tried it one more time, and then quit for a year. To this day I think the club just let me go on because I brought a lot of friends with me.

Then in 1994 I met Jamie, a friend I met at the same restaurant. He would dare me to do it again. This was different, he said if I went on so would he. The date was April 1st 1994. Jamie went on stage first, he was scared just like I was the first time. While he did very well, it would be the last time he would ever go on. I realize now he did it just for me. Sadly, I haven’t seen Jamie in years so I hope he reads this one day. THANK YOU JAMIE!!! I will never be able to put into words how much what you did means to me. You got me started back in the career I am lucky to still be doing today. I hope life is as kind to you as it’s been to me.

To end this epic, I promised myself since that night I would go on stage every week until I learned how to be a comedian. It’s been fourteen years since then, and I’ve kept that promise. I’ve been on stage every week, and I’ve learned one thing. You never are finished learning how to be a comedian. It is a constant work in progress. I just hope I live up to the expectations of all the people who have helped me through the years, and everyone in the crowd who has seen me perform, and will see me in the future…
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Ronnie Simmons (A dear friend who is no longer with us)
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“Be Careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.”
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“Love what you do, not the money attached to it.” David Beck 2001
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MIAMI DOLPHINS (Super Bowl Champions, 1973,1974) I’ve liked them that long too!
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San Antonio Spurs, (NBA Champions, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014!!) Yes they are one of greatest teams of all time.
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(Playstation 2) Madden Football (I can make the Dolphins win the the Super bowl this way) Gran Turismo 4, Conflict Desert Storm 1 & 2, and Conflict Global Terror, and any Mortal Kombat. Yes still a PS2, game systems are advancing to fast for me so I’ll always be behind.
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Queensryche, Styx, Creed, ELO, ZZ Top, Bad Company, Collective Soul, 3 Doors Down, Shinedown, Poetica, Breaking Benjamin.
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Sugar, and anything containing sugar.
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Underdog, and Iceman (X-men), Hong Kong Fooey, Captain Cave Man.
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My mountain bike (2000 Diamond Back Zetec Comp), My Dad’s 1970 Monte Carlo SS454
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Getting cancelled on short notice before a gig. Stripping wallpaper, and anything to do with wallpaper!!!!, and insurance companies. Working under the house in a cramped crawl space.
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